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Restore Fannie Mae is looking to contact those who had purchased Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (common or preferred)  shares before the 2008 conservatorship and (preferably) still hold these securities today.  The goal is to help articulate and share the painful, human story that resulted from the conservatorship.   If you, or someone you know, fits this profile, please let us know the best way to contact you.

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  • commented 2013-09-07 21:57:25 -0700
    I bought 25,000 shares a week after the Government takeover and was sure that the conservator would be looking out for the best interests of FNMA. I have held strong since then and was very disappointed when the terms of that conservator-ship were recently changed to funnel all of the companies profits to the government. The neglect of the conservator to act in the best interest of FNMA shareholders and the company show a disregard for the basic function of the conservator. The conservator is neglecting the very entity it was charged with protecting. FNMA has served as directed by our elected politicians and taken the brunt of blame that actually should lie on the shoulders of the bank and politicians backing said banks. The grip of the government has got to be released and ownership give to the rightful owners the shareholders.
  • commented 2013-09-05 12:28:01 -0700
    I bought in at $6.00 a share. Then watched as it went lower. Then over the weekend with no warning it went into conservator ship. The stock then dropped further. Henry Paulson assured stock holders that conservatory would protect my stocks and that the conservator would return the companies to stockholders in a few years. Then the conservator asked to have the stock removed from the NYSE which was the first indication that the conservator was not doing what he was paid to do. I emailed him and told him that is not in the best interest of recovering this company. I sold in a panic but then bought back the next day. I just was not sure if the conservator had the best interests of the company or shareholders. Fannie and Freddie are owned by shareholders waiting for the company to be released from conservancy. Co-owners of this company are the US Government who also owns shares along with private shareholders. It is my hope that the government would act in their own interest as a shareholder and disregard the interests of all other shareholders while in conservancy. The US Congress wants to unwind the two companies but it is not in the best interest of conservancy. Unwinding is a decision shareholders, owners will have to make otherwise we have theft. Even if congress wound down the two companies, they are not permitted to take the assets from Fannie and Freddie. Trillions of assets owned by fannie and freddie would have to be sold to any new company upon vote of the owners. We have to be careful here because what the government does they can then do to any corporation anywhere. If the government want to wind down General electric corporation, all they would have to do is but 80% of GE’s shares and then place it into conservancy. Then shut it down. If no one wants to consider doing that to GE, then they need to stop and think about doing it to Fannie and freddie. If the government wants to no back fannie and freddie, then get out and let the companies stand on there own. Hank Paulsen said it would be returned, it is time to begin thinking about when.