Great Post From a Shareholder

This post underscores the frustration felt by Fannie and Freddie investors. This is the average American investor, angry about the government's lack of respect for the same contracts that they draft, and ask Americans to support, each day:

"Before Hank Paulson bailed [Fannie and Freddie] he said everything was fine, told shareholders not to panic, and that F&F was in good health. The bailout was a broad side slap to the shareholders. Many held on because their investments dropped to nothing and Paulson led them to believe that the situation was temporary. The government did what they implied they would do – backstop F&F. Why else do you have a guarantor but to guaranty your investment. These two companies did exactly what they were designed to do. Work as a net. And it worked. Now the companies are still alive, solvent and still publicly traded. I bought my shares five years ago honestly and in good faith. I am not a scavenger or a scam artist. I am an American taxpaying citizen that invested in an American financial institution. The company is making money and the books will soon balance on their loan. My Freddie Mac shares were a strong part of my retirement. YOU TELL ME I DO NOT DESERVE IT, THAT I AM A VULTURE – *Expletive you!

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