Here are just a few more questions, Mr. President:

Where is the apology from the banks? Where is the apology from Bank of America for ripping off millions of Americans?
Where is the remorse? Where is the "I'm sorry" from UBS?
Where is the apology from Citigroup for lying to so many Americans and stealing their dreams out from under them?
Where is their remorse for forcing Americans to bare the consequences of their greed, felt by every middle class family in America? For taking people's lives and turning them upside down; for the loss of jobs, and the complete and utter destruction of the global economy?
When do we get to hear a "sorry," and "we know you never thought your entire neighborhood would be in ruins because of our selfish, money hungry motives, and fraudulent lending practices" from the big banks?
Will we ever hear the banks or their executives apologize for their actions?
AND WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT, demanding that American retirees, family investments, working class American's savings be repaid? Jeb Hensarling, your own state was hit by this same greed -- by the misplaced blame of Fannie and Freddie -- and a complete illusion, created by fraud from the banks. Your own police force retirees were robbed of their 401Ks by the misplaced blame, the deceptions, and the lies by the big banks, which caused the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- for now we know, these companies were blamed for no apparent reason, except to save what was left from the shambles created by the greedy investment banks.
Corker, Hensarling, Warner: When will you come out from behind your greedy, Koch funded, script of lies, to apologize to the American people in your state for the deception and greed of the big bank lobbyists?
When will Bob Corker denounce the fraud, deception, lies, greed, dirty, rotten tactics, and abuse of power -- by the same banks that he voted to deregulate?
When will Mark Warner admit that millions of Americans were destroyed by bank executives, investment bankers, and deregulation lobbyists, while the government stood by and watched Americans being robbed of their dreams?
Where are the Goldman Sachs executives' apologies, remorse, repayment, and sorrow for the millions of Americans displaced by their lies? Where is their outrage for their own fellow Americans left in the cold? 
Is there even an ounce of community service, for their disproportionate misallocation of money to greedy executives -- while the rest of Americans were left to deal with more bank lies, denying loan modifications, and manipulating the LIBOR, so that B of A could claim even more profit from defaulting families that were simply trying to stay in their homes?
Where is Hank Paulsons' outpouring of sorrow for the bank greed, and his taking a $200 million -- tax free payment -- for helping to perpetrate one of the biggest lies ever committed against the American people? Where is the Bush Administrations' apology to the millions of American families, which were robbed by the administrations' deregulation, and crony capitalist, investment bank, driven fraud?
Will the lies ever end? Will the shareholders and taxpayers ever stop being used and abused by these liars? Will the FHFA director, Ed DeMarco, ever come clean about his failed vision of punishing Fannie and Freddie, ruthless slander of the shareholders, while using the companies to absorb toxic debts? Will the US Treasury admit its own greed in its "takings" under the Fifth Amendment, and their complete disregard for American taxpayer's rights, as people who dream, invest, and help support the very company that is used to rebuild the global economy?!
Please join us! We are the Americans! We are the victims of this greed! Help us take back this country, and help us take back our liberty from these sociopathic, zombie institutions.

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