University of California's, David Min, presents at the National Association of Realtors Annual Conference and Expo in San Francisco

Source: National Association of Realtors (
UCI Law's, David Min, presented at the National Association of Realtors Annual Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

While AEI's Peter Wallison shared much of the same myths with the audience, David Min sorted through Wallison's myths and presented four options for GSE reform. The fourth option for GSE reform is a lead into the statistics on how Fannie has nearly repaid taxpayers and Freddie has fully repaid taxpayers. Journalist Ken Harney moderated the forum and had some very good things to say about Fannie and Freddie, and he appeared to like "option four" just as much as the audience. Questions from the audience members raised concerns about shareholder's rights, private equity's willingness to reenter the market, the big banks' major role in the financial crisis, and how Corker/Warner's FMIC provides little more protection to American taxpayers than the current system; albeit, at a higher cost than the GSEs with no assurance that a 30yr fixed-rate mortgage will still be available (the cornerstone of the American real estate market).

See the full presentation available here.

Restore Fannie Mae would like to extend a special thanks to the National Association of Realtors for allowing Restore Fannie Mae to attend the event. A big thanks also goes to Bill Maloni and David Fiderer for connecting us with #NARAnnual.

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