Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR): The man that led America to war against tyranny also led America in a war for financial integrity, something that Wall Street has always had a problem with, and something that when not policed, burns like dry tinder consumed in the wildfire of greed. Americans witnessed the big bank burn downs in the financial crash of 08; a fire fueled by the tinder of fraudulent loans; rated AAA by big banks and loan originators, and doused with the gasoline of fraudulent insurance policies; ignited by fraud claims consuming most of AIG, AMBAC, and MBI – destroying the housing industry and tanking the U.S. and world economy. And now brazen thieves, Lloyd, Jamie and tag-along-Brian are asking, through the Republicans, blind ideologue, congressional stooges of America, to hand over the rest of the wealth that they have not plundered, so that they can lever those assets to the maximum, as they did with MBS in foreign emerging markets. The money will be taken offshore and will never return. Only if a Democrat President allows the long-standing legacy of FDR to be torn down . . . Go to Hyde Park, Mr. President. Walk through its halls, sit in his chair – his wheelchair – by yourself, and ask yourself, what would FDR do with FNMA/FMCC today. Is this really a difficult decision? FDR led America out of The Great Depression. Will you lead America out of the big bank caused Great Recession – deliberately designed crash, intended to transfer wealth from Main Street to Wall Street and the major banks?

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