Dylan Ratigan on Frank-Dodd Resolution Authority

Dylan Ratigan coined the phrase "Corporate Communism." The video below is a couple of years old, but it truly delivers the reality of our situation.

"The savings of America was the piggy-bank that this type of product was being sold to; that the savings of America, whether it's the New York State pension managers, or any of the -- I would have to list all of the various pensions -- are the ones that got stuck with a lot of this paper; not to mention Fannie, Freddie, and now the Federal Reserve." --- Dylan Ratigan

Readers should also check out resolution authority, as it's defined by DODD-FRANK: TITLE II - ORDERLY LIQUIDATION AUTHORITY. You might come to the common sense conclusion, which shows that it is highly likely that Fannie and Freddie do not fall under the terms currently defined by the law.

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