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Thank you for creating and updating this web site. It is a great job. Congratulations. I understand that shareholders must to be paid. The robbery perpetrated by US Treasury must stop. However I am more concerned about the future of housing without Fannie and Freddie, I am concerned because I know the social impact of not having access to home ownership and I dont want that problem for my kids. I also noticed that 9 out of 10 Americans don't know what is Fannie Mae and of course they have no idea what winding down F n F will mean for them. So while "restore fairness to shareholders" is the right thing, it means nothing to most of the Americans and they may not support the idea. Even worst: because of their ignorance of the facts the American people may end up shooting their feet and supporting the wind down of F nF . Because of this I suggest to use a slogan simple and understandable for all people such as "DONT KILL HOME OWNERSHIP- RESTORE FANNIE MAE" . Also is necessary to recommend people to stand for their future and take action calling their congressman and ask them simple "DONT KILL HOME OWNERSHIP- RESTORE FANNIE MAE" I think the petition in the White House web site (restore fairness to shareholders) only got 4000 signatures is because the people don’t know what is going on , the people even don’t know what is Fannie Mae and of course they will not care about the shareholders. We have to warn the people what will happen with if Fannie is wound down: mortgage rates will soar and no more fixed 30 years. The interest of an average home will cost an extra $1,200 per year! Lets organize a rally in DC with 4000 cars showing the sign "DONT KILL HOME OWNERSHIP-RESTORE FANNIE MAE"

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